Unlock neck/shoulder tension to reverse computer slouch

Unwind serpentine pathways to re-connect you to your feminine fluidity & creative fire

Vision Clarity Workshop to Uncover & Embody your 2022 Vision

Hi, I’m Deb Rubin, your Embodied Feminine Leadership guide.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I know first hand the body aches and pains that go along with long hours at your computer, feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or not clear on our business vision or what steps to take next. When we can tap back into our body's wisdom, re-connect to our feminine power and belly, the source of our creativity, and move ourselves into FLOW.... we get un-stuck, feel possibility again, and can get back into action doing more of what we love to serve our clients, from a deeply connected, grounded, and resourced place. I put together this mini sampler pack of a few of my favorite movement practices that I use in my own business building journey, to support you in 4 key aspects: Your neck/shoulder tension relief, unlocking your fluid spine & fluid mind, tapping back in to your serpentine spiral & feminine flow, & returning to vision clarity from a deeply body-based approach to accessing & embodying your unique business vision from within.

It is my deepest honor to support you on this journey of unlocking, so that more of your magic and magnetic message can come through in the ways you desire, and you attract the clients you desire. It is my honor to be on this path with you. Together, we rise!

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